Juicy Sweet Tarts eJuice Review

Sweet Tarts Candy eJuiceThe majority of the people loves sweet e-liquids, that is why we have decided to review a fabulous ejuice that reproduces the amazing flavor of one of the most popular candy, Sweet Tarts.

Juicy Sweet Tarts eJuice delivers the flavor of this sour and sweet candy with great accuracy in flavor and great vapor. This delicious eJuice is great for everyday vaping, not too sweet and not too strong. Very smooth flavor that will remind you of this amazing treat.

The e-Liquid Supplier of this sweet eJuice is Juicy eJuice, they offer high quality eJuice in a 70% PG – 30% VG mix, made with premium ingredients.



Amsterdam Gummy Koala Bears e-Liquid Review

Amsterdam Gummy Koala Bears e-LiquidFor this week in eJuice reviews we have Gummy Koala Bears e-Liquid from the vendor Amsterdam e-Liquid.

This fascinating eJuice not only has a great and fun flavor but a great quality and unbelievable vapor.

Gummy Bears are a sweet and small fruity gum candy. It is usually made from a mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, starch, flavoring, food coloring, citric acid, and gelatin.

This marvelous eJuice delivers the sweet flavor of this chewy candy, and you would love  vaping it at all times.

Amsterdam e-Liquid has always different flavors that worth trying.
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Naturals Organic Orange Cream e-Liquid Review

Organic Orange Cream e-LiquidIn this occasion we have reviewed the sweet eJuice Organic Orange Cream e-Liquid from the vendor Naturals e-Liquid.

This amazing eJuice delivers the incredible flavor of the orange ice cream, a refreshing citric flavor, sweet and fun at the same time.

Oranges are a great sweet fruit very refreshing and very precious due to its huge amount of vitamin C and Calcium.
For Ice cream lovers orange is one of the most requested flavors due to the refreshing taste and delicious aroma; which is replicated in this incredible eJuice.

Nothing better than vaping your favorite ice cream flavor!

This is a fantastic flavor that every sweet eJuice lover should try.

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Kahuna Banana Cream Pie VG eJuice Review

Kahuna Banana Cream Pie eJuiceKahuna Banana Cream Pie VG eJuice from one of the favorite e-Liquid suppliers, Kahuna eJuice; is a great, sweet and yummy flavor made from tropical bananas and rich cream, just like the real dessert.

Kahuna eJuice is pioneer in the 70% VG & 30% PG mix, for a great flavor and unbelievable vapor. Kahuna Banana Cream Pie VG eJuice delivers the same flavor of the delicious homemade banana cream pie.

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Naturals Cinnamon Candy e-Liquid Review

Organic e-Liquid Cinnamon CandyIn eJuice reviews.org we are honored to review a great and new e-Liquid supplier: Naturals e-Liquid.

In this occasion we will review one of the people’s preferred flavors, Cinnamon Candy; Naturals e-Liquid Cinnamon Candy delivers a fabulous flavor of this homonymous treat. This delicious eJuice offers a perfect balanced between the sweet taste of the candy and the cinnamon spicy.

Cinnamon is use for many delicious drinks such like chocolate, hot cocoa, coffee and liquors like Fireball Cinnamon whisky, Gold Strike, Smirnoff’s Vodka with cinnamon;  also used as baked ingredient and even as a insect repellent. It also has antimicrobial properties and was believed by doctors in ancient times to cure snakebites, freckles, the common cold, and kidney troubles, among other ailments.

This great eJuice is one of our favorites and we totally recommend it!

Organic Wintergreen eJuice Review

Organics Wintergreen e-LiquidIn our Organic Wintergreen eJuice Review, we have the flavor of Organic wintergreen e-liquid, a refreshing eJuice that comes from evergreen, with its white flowers and spicy red berries.  This minty flavor can be found in many candies, confections and gums like Clarkes teaberry gum and Wint-O-Green lifesavers. Wintergreen is also a common flavoring in Root Beer and gives it the special unique taste that other soda pops cannot offer.

This delicious e-liquid from Organics eLiquid will delight your vaping needs.

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Amsterdam Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice Review

Amsterdam Chocolate Hazelnut e-LiquidWe must include a eJuice review of Amsterdam Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice; a great e-Liquid with a luscious combination of two unbelievable flavors, Chocolate and Hazelnut.

The strong nutty flavor of hazelnuts blended with the deep rich flavor of the chocolate made this eJuice one of the best e-Liquid flavors of Amsterdam e-Liquid.

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Juicy Cinnamon Red Hots eJuice Review

Juicy Cinnamon Red Hots eJuiceJuicy Cinnamon Red Hots eJuice Review is about the splendid flavor of this eJuice, which is the real taste of the spicy Cinnamon and the sweetness of the red hots  to transport your mind this delicious candy.

This incredible eJuice is sweet and spicy like an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Juicy Cinnamon Red Hots is from the vendor Juicy eJuice one of the best eJuice suppliers in the market.

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Kahuna Strawberry Cheesecake VG eJuice Review

Strawberry Cheesecake VG eJuiceWe have created a eJuice review for Kahuna Strawberry Cheesecake;  This flavor is surprisingly like the real treat. Delicious strawberry flavor with a great sweet and creamy flavor.

Strawberry Cheesecake VG e-Liquid from Kahuna eJuice is a great dessert eJuice. The flavor along with the huge vapor and delicious smell makes this eJuice one the best e-Liquid in the Market. Kahuna eJuice is made out of premium ingredients with a 70% VG & 30% PG mix.

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Organics eLiquid Peppermint e-Liquid Review

Organic Peppermint e-LiquidFor an organic eJuice review, we have considered Organic Peppermint e-Liquid from Organics e-Liquid; This e-Liquid offers a cool invigorating flavor.  So fresh and sweet.

Organic peppermint e-liquid contains the essence of organic peppermint leaves, that are known for their relaxing properties.  From gum, lozenges and candy everyone has at one time experienced this cool, smooth, full bodied flavor.  This Organic eJuice is made out of premium organic ingredients.

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