Naturals Mango eJuice Review

Mango eLiquidThe fruit eliquids are one of the most famous flavors of eliquid because of it’s variety and flavors. Mango is one of those flavors that are wonderful to vape because of it’s rich and sweet flavor.

We have decided to review Naturals Mango eJuice as it’s a great flavor made only with VG. This results great if you want to use a drip tip as the flavor is not only strong but also it makes huge clouds of vapor.

Naturals eLiquid is a great option for VG lovers and drippers and this flavor is spot on.

Try Mango eliquid from Naturals eLiquid and let us know your opinion.
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Naturals Cinnamon Candy e-Liquid Review

Organic e-Liquid Cinnamon CandyIn eJuice we are honored to review a great and new e-Liquid supplier: Naturals e-Liquid.

In this occasion we will review one of the people’s preferred flavors, Cinnamon Candy; Naturals e-Liquid Cinnamon Candy delivers a fabulous flavor of this¬†homonymous treat. This delicious eJuice offers a perfect balanced between the sweet taste of the candy and the cinnamon spicy.

Cinnamon is use for many delicious drinks such like chocolate, hot cocoa, coffee and liquors like Fireball Cinnamon whisky, Gold Strike, Smirnoff’s Vodka with cinnamon;¬† also used as baked ingredient and even as a insect repellent. It also has antimicrobial properties and was believed by doctors in ancient times to cure snakebites, freckles, the common cold, and kidney troubles, among other ailments.

This great eJuice is one of our favorites and we totally recommend it!