Kahuna Smooth Butter Rum Tobacco VG eJuice Review

Smooth Butter Rum Tobacco eJuiceFor today’s review, we have selected Smooth Butter Rum Tobacco VG eJuice, from the e-Liquid vendor Kahuna eJuice.

Smooth butter rum tobacco VG eJuice delivers the rich tobacco flavor with a hint of butter rum!

Buttered rum is a mixed beverage containing rum, butter, a sweetener, and various spices (usually cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves). It is especially popular in the fall and winter and is traditionally associated with the holiday season.

In this occasion Kahuna VG e-Liquid has blended the exquisite taste of the butter rum with the flavorful rich tobacco in an eJuice with lot of success.

Try this wonderful e-Liquid and many others of the best eJuice we reviewed for you.

Amsterdam Smooth Honey Tobacco eJuice Review

Amsterdam Smooth Honey Tobacco eJuiceOne of the favorite eJuice reviews is the famous flavorĀ Amsterdam Smooth Honey Tobacco eJuice from the vendor Amsterdam eLiquid. This eJuice is a mix of the rich smooth tobacco with a hint of sweet and aromatic honey directly from the beehive.

A perfect eJuice for those who wants to try Tobacco flavor but with a touch of sweetness.

Honey is consider is one of the five elixirs of immortality and as nectar of the gods. So you will definitely feel in heave with this amazing e-Liquid!

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